Delta-8 Kief Cigar - 3 Grams


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Delta-8 Kief Cigar - 3 Grams

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Delta-8 Cigar, OG Kush
3 gram cigar (OGK Wrap)
240 MG CBD / 80 MG Δ8 THC
Type:  Indica hybrid
Lineage:  Paradise Organic
Aroma:  Dank, Musky, Earthy


Delta-8 Cigar, Suver Haze
3 gram cigar (Grape Wrap)
220 MG CBD / 80 MG Δ8 THC
Type:  Sativa dominant hybrid
Lineage:  Sour Suver Haze
Aroma:  Orange, Chamomile, Lavender, Hops

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OG Kush, Suver Haze


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